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Last Updated July 9, 2009

Nicknames: honey
From: Wasagamack
Occupation: part-time lover
Hobbies: being with my cuzzins

July 9 I think/09 Ring around the rosie! Just Jokes! it's been a while since I've here but have no fear......neeeee! eversick! Just came to update and to talk about my Sis in law Nancy Fiddler from Sandy lake Ontario, well anyways She called me the other day and She told she misses me and Loves Me...HAHAHAHAHAHAH Busted You moo! Well today I actually stayed home and did nothing..heheheh just joking I went to sleep...Jokes again I was lonely for my Kuzzin, This my first day not seeing them, I see them everyday....lol. Well Willy went to GAAARY's to practice Singing Gospel. What else! Micheal jackon Died and My Sister in law nancy Cried for 1 week, Didn't know she was a big Fan....lol Hello Sarah! Guess what Nancy's very antiquem you can take her to your home and hung her in your washroom.....hehehehh. well I guess that's about for now and about the stories about My bug Nancy...lol well Good night byeeeeee

NeHee042.jpg birthdays image by latoyaharper_42                                                        santi7.jpg image by latoyaharper_42

My mom & my daughter santi birthday party                                              Santi Cree Feather Harper
on March 15/07. My baby boy on here too

NeHee034.jpg birthdays image by latoyaharper_42                   DSCI3095.jpg image by latoyaharper_42  my hubs willy harper                   AngieHarPer.jpg Me again 4 my man image by latoyaharper_42  Me angie.jpg STUPID ME image by latoyaharper_42 again HarPer.jpg NEEN ENNEH image by latoyaharper_42 again
       EEER! EnnehKeen!!!!                                    

DSCI0011.jpg image by latoyaharper_42    dakotacool.jpg image by latoyaharper_42    santi4.jpg image by angieeharper
 My Parents William /Pat Flett          Mr> Kool Dakota                 santi Grad 08
09_26_3.jpg image by latoyaharper_42 DSCI0093.jpg image by latoyaharper_42               01_20_0.jpg image by latoyaharper_42                           
        My baby Dakota H.            My babies                                        creesun,latoya,santi         

05_24_2.jpg image by latoyaharper_42           mymom.jpg image by angieeharper
Thunder Dakota Creesun Harper            My mom, daughters, son
Died Oct 8/05
 santi3.jpg image by angieeharper                  SK_78201258012.jpg image by latoyaharper_42                                 
Thunder Dakota Willy Harper               Thunder Harper
01_07_56.jpg image by latoyaharper_42  SK_78201257591.jpg Muh Creesun image by latoyaharper_42           grad08.jpg image by angieeharper    
 Me again!                        Creesun Spirit Wind Harper                   Class of 2008 Kindergarten
  DSCI3591.jpg image by latoyaharper_42    DSCI3587.jpg image by latoyaharper_42     CheckThemOwt180.jpg image by latoyaharper_42  
     My Daughters                       Latoya Faith Pearl Patricia Harper             My babies
       santi8.jpg image by latoyaharper_42     DSCI0018.jpg baby sis image by latoyaharper_42  mygirls.jpg image by angieeharper
           Santi                                        Baby sis Vanessa Flett               my girls


DSCI3429.jpg crazy babies image by latoyaharper_42  My babies Santi and Creesun     mj.jpg image by angieeharper MJ

DSCI3029.jpg my kitchen image by latoyaharper_42      DSCI3017.jpg my baby image by latoyaharper_42     DSCI3048.jpg latoya in the bedroom image by latoyaharper_42

  Part of my kitchen...... Santi The photographer   The living room ..See creesun  See! Latoya Always on the 
                                                                                                                                Comp. in my room

  2008-03-18-65431.jpg image by latoyaharper_42                            ebun.jpg image by angieeharper
  My sis in laws Ehbun And Cookie MOnster          ehbun Harper

Exclusive Pics of my brother in law Joey David Harper            

NeHee035.jpg image by latoyaharper_42           09_22_8.jpg Crazy Uncle(Shay)Lol image by latoyaharper_42           vanspic.jpg That's Joey image by latoyaharper_42 
  Funny! Looking Joettte                   Pants on fire                             Joey At birth

09_22_7.jpg Werido image by latoyaharper_42 
  This Za Like A VIRGIN

People fr. Work at Nursing Station:

mikeandmax.jpg image by angieeharper   molly.jpg molly yummy fingers image by angieeharper    nadine.jpg image by angieeharper    
   Mike and Max                    Molly finger licking                 Nurse Nadine   

   martha.jpg image by angieeharper   lisa.jpg image by angieeharper
    Martha Harper                          Lisa Harper          

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